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23 April 2014

Recently, i've had a little glut of lovely emails from readers asking for 'leftovers' recipes. While i'm all for using up tibbits and making do, I struggle to relate to anyone who has leftover Easter eggs on their hands. Rest assured, this has never been a problem to face our household. 

And so it was that this 'leftover' bread wasn't made from leftovers at all. Yes, our Easter eggs had vanished by lunch and I bought these Easter treats especially for this recipe... a true testament to how much I love you all. 

Should you be made of better restraint than this writer, this bread is a seriously indulgent way to use up leftover chocolate. We had it for Easter tea with all the family, who worked their way through this little number is shamefully good time. Well, it was a bank holiday. 

The dough is a necessity but the chocolate ingredients are just suggestions. One to freestyle on kiddies. 

1x quantity of enriched dough, available here
1 egg
50ml double cream
70g white chocolate 
zest of 1 orange
4-5 Creme Eggs or Lindt/Malteaster Bunnies

Make the bread according to this recipe. Once it's risen and ready, tip onto a clean work-surface dusted with flour. Roll out thinly into a rectangle. Break the white chocolate into a bowl, then separately heat the cream until it has just boiled. Pour this over the chocolate, and stir quickly until you have a thick, glossy ganache. Add the orange zest, the spread over the thinly rolled bread dough using a palette knife.

Coarsely chop up the chocolate treats, then scatter over the ganache. With the long-side facing you, roll the dough as tightly as you can. Now slice this in half longways, so you have two long sections of layered dough and filling. Wrap these around one another, sealing the two ends into a wreath shape. Transfer to a lined baking tray and leave to prove for a second hour, until the bread has doubled in size. 

Preheat the oven to 200C, and beat the second egg to form an egg wash. Brush this liberally over the bread, then bake the couronne for 25-30 minutes, until golden and baked through. Keep an eye on it, as you may need to cover it with foil to stop the sugar browning too much. 

Decorate the cooled bread with more chocs if you're feeling brave, and let the masses loose. They'll be very happy (Easter) bunnies.


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  1. This is the best idea ever! I am one of those crazy people who always has tonnes of leftover Easter chocolate. Totally going to turn it into bread this weekend (that makes it virtuous right?!).

    1. Thanks Anna! I wish I had your will power :) and definitely...kneading counts as exercise so all good I say!



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