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8 March 2015

Before you click refresh, you really have reached Pudding Lane. Now I know you come here for cakes and caramel - and fear not, they'll be back - but today's recipe comes from the heart (or I suppose, the throat).

I had my tonsils removed on Wednesday. It was my first ever operation, first general aesthetic, first night in hospital. While I am beyond relieved that the tonsillitis that has bugged me non-stop should now be a thing of the past, I certainly was not prepared for how much even minor surgery can take it out of you!

The last few days have been a drowsy blur of napping, pain relief and daytime TV. It's been a novel experience, and certainly a strange one for someone who has never really bought the concept of 'doing nothing.' I'm learning that sometimes it pays to listen to your body and give it what it needs.

I was so looking forward to several guilt free weeks of living on ice-cream alone, but it turns out that my instinct to self-nourish is stronger than first though. All I want to eat is hearty soups, stews, vegetables and fruit. Who knew I had it in me?

Sadly my poor healing throat still does not have it in it, and so it was that this healthy ice cream recipe came to be. I am indebted to Gwyneth Paltrow's original recipe, and am loving having a cool and soothing snack which is also healthy, nourishing and dairy free to boot. Perhaps the Codeine is playing with my mind, but it feels good to be blogging healthy for a change.

I may be a little quiet around here over the next few weeks, so please bear with me while I get back to my best self. If any brave readers have had a tonsillectomy as an adult - I would LOVE to hear your tips and tricks for eating through this thang.

2 small bananas
50ml almond milk
2 tsp golden syrup
1/2 tsp salt
crushed almonds, to top 

Begin by slice the bananas into thin disks, and freezing until solid. They keep well, so I tend to freeze a whole bunch this way. 

In a blender, blitz the almond milk, maple syrup and salt. Add the bananas and blitz until smooth. Serve immediately topped with crushed nuts, or store in a tub in the freezer for up to one month. 

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  1. These looks so delicious! I'd love to try it. I do hope you feel much better soon and continue to rest and take care of yourself. xxx

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Miranda - I am on the mend! Hope all's well with you. L x



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