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Goodbye Pudding Lane, hello Sweet Disposition: a newsletter

22 January 2023

I've lost count of the number of times I've opened a blog post with an apology, so instead of dwelling too much on my absence, I'll start with an announcement. I've moved! 

My new newsletter, Sweet Disposition, officially launched today on Substack. It's free to read, lands straight in your inbox, and is a new home for recipes, restaurant recommendations, cookbook favourites and other life updates. You can sign up HERE

I've dived into where I've been and why I've moved to Substack in my first post, so I'll let you read that when you join me over there. Let's just say, it's time for a fresh start.

While I'll now be writing elsewhere, Pudding Lane is going nowhere. I am so incredibly proud of this space and community; it has been the greatest privilege sharing recipes, news and my life with you in these four (?) walls since 2014. This space will remain live, with my recipe archives free to access for anyone who still wants to use them. Please do keep tagging me and telling me how you've got on with my recipes! For day to day updates you can find me baking on Instagram, and I hope to see you over on Substack too.

Pudding Lane, I love you. You were the starting point for so much adventure. Now - let's see what's next. 

Lucy x


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